Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book in for Paragliding?

You can Contact Us to check there is space on the dates you require. If there is we will email you back to confirm you details and the booking.

Can I book at short notice?

Yes. Though weekends fill up quite quickly.

Can I change my booking?

Yes, Let us know as soon as possible & we will change it. If you need to cancel then please let us know so that your space can be filled by someone else. If you don’t turn up when booked in we may charge for lost days.

Can you cancel my booking?

Yes. We will only do this if the weather looks unsuitable for flying. We do this by texting the evening before. We will often keep you updated on the weather in the days beforehand as well.

Can I just ring you?

Yes. (07811700410)  However I may not be able to answer the phone if I am on the hill teaching paragliding!

Can I get a gift voucher for a friend?

Yes. The Paragliding Tandem Experience or Paragliding Day Couse make great gifts. Email Us or give us a call (07811700410).

What’s the best way to start?

We would recommend that you start with a Paragliding Day Course, & get a feel for paragliding.

Do I have to take my course all in one go?

No. Usually the weather will not let you any way. You can take it over different days or weekends, as long as you complete it within 12 months and do not leave gaps between training of more than 2 month as you may be charged for extra days.( Club Pilot & Student Pilot courses only) 1 or 2 day courses must be completed within 12 months. It is better to complete it over a short period then you do not regress in your training.

What if my course is cancelled due to unsuitable weather?

Credits are given for lost days and are to be taken within 12 months (please note, we do not give refunds!). So if it is cancelled please contact within 1 month to re-book. If you are doing a course and you leave gaps of more than 2 months you may be charged for extra day's to bring you back up to speed.

When should I check for weather updates?

If you are booked in we will contact you on the evening of the day before with a weather update. This is usually by text. If the weather forecast changes over night you may be contacted in the morning of the day, this is rare these days though. You can ask for weather update at any time by email or text (07811700410) in the run up to your flying.

Where and what time ferry should I catch for a collection?

We operate a free collection service every flyable day on request, We will usually confirm the ferry that we will meet when giving you the weather update the evening before. It will often be the ferry which leaves Lymington at 10.00. or one at 10.15 on Sundays. A green Landrover will collect you. There is plenty of parking at Lymington. We will text if there are any changes. You should confirm the WightLink ferry times before travelling here.

What is the cost of the ferry?

Day return as a foot passenger is at present around £14.00 please contact Wightlink for Car price as they vary depending on the time of the year, we recommend if you are only coming for a couple of days you take advantage of our pick up service.

What time do I need to be at the centre?

Approximately 10.30am, and it finishes around 18.00hrs. You can find our location here.

Where can I stay?

Details of hotels and B&B accommodation and camping sites can be found on our website here. Please make your booking direct. We recommend you do not make any booking until your course weather has been confirmed, unless it is a bank holiday it is not normally a problem. If you are on a day course we suggest you come down early morning and leave in the evening after the course.

Do we jump of cliffs?

No! We start your training on a nice flat grass field and then as the day progresses and you gain confidence, you gradually move up a gentle slope completing low flights.

What dates do you operate?

This sport is very weather dependant!  We try to operate all year round, but our main season is from March – October. Often the weather over the winter is not so kind. We operate 7 days a week, again subject to weather and student numbers.

Will I be the only beginner?

Maybe, but we try to have some days for beginners only.

How many people are on the courses?

During the week we average 3-4 students and at weekends we may have up to 8. We are a small school on our own sites, so there is plenty of space for you.

Do you have to be fit?

You will need a basic level of fitness and be in good health (ie no problems with bones, knees and backs). This is an adventure sport in the country side with an attached risk, broadly on par with skiing. When you fly down the slope, you will need to walk back up perhaps up to 8-10 times in one day. Unsure! consult your doctor or ask us.

Can women do it as well as men?

Yes, and they are usually better at it! You do not need a lot of strength, but coordination and doing what your instructor asks of you helps!

Is there a weight and age limit?

Yes, at High Adventure you must be aged over 14. Upper age limit is around 60. We advise anyone in an older age bracket to visit their doctor for a health check. Remember there is a reasonable amount of exercise required to keep walking back up the hill! Maximum weight is around 116kg (17stone) as the training canopies are not built to take people any heavier.

What is the difference between Paragliding and Hang-gliding?

They both work on the same principles: hang-gliders are a framed delta shaped glider, being heavy to lift and cumbersome to carry; Paragliders are in lay terms, similar to a parachute, being lighter to carry and more portable and proving much easier and quicker to learn.

How do I pay?

We prefer a direct bank transfer in the run up to your first day, this helps us organize the insurance. However, cash or cheques are ok. 

Is the 12 month course limit strict?

As long as we feel that you are making the effort to fly, we will stretch the rule. We try to be reasonable.

What equipment do I have to bring?

We provide all your Flying equipment, you need to bring strong walking boots and clothing for the weather conditions. You will also require a packed lunch and plenty of water.