Paragliding was born in the mid 80s from a combination of hill flying hang-gliding, and tow launch parasending, After a period of rapid development, by the mid 90s we arrived with the sport of pargliding we enjoy today.

Paragliding, along with Hang-gliding is often referred to as free flying. This is due to the relative lack of red tape and restriction when compared to other forms of aviation.

paragliding on the isle of wight

However, there is still much to learn before you become a competent paraglider pilot. The Island is a proven training ground for learning to fly paragliders with many flyable days and a variety of training sites within a 5 mile radius facing most wind directions. Once you have Qualified as a Club Pilot you can join the Isle of Wight hang-gliding & paragliding club where the local pilots and coaches will guide and help your continued enjoyment in the sport. There is a good variety of terrain with cliff sites and the chalk downs where you can progress your paragliding skills.

The Island has been the training ground for a surprising number of top British Paraglider pilots; World Champions

Rob WhittallJohn Pendry and Bruce Goldsmith. as well as British Champion Barney Barnes, and World Record holder Sarah Fenwick all lived and flew on the IOW in their formative years.