PLEASE READ - You agree that;

  1. I am physically able to participate and have told the Chief flying instructor or duty instructor of any medical condition that might affect my ability to undertake tuition. 
  2. I am not taking any medication or drugs of any kind nor shall I do so during my course unless medically advised, and have informed High Adventure Ltd, neither shall I consume any alcohol during or in the 8 hours preceding tuition. 
  3. I understand that the Chief Flying Instructor or Duty Instructors decision to cease or terminate the course of any student is binding, for whatever reason. Any general conduct that is not acceptable may result in expulsion without refund of the course fee. 
  4. I am aware this is an adventure sport, and as such, I understand the risks involved, also will make every effort to wear correct clothing and footwear.

NB. If you fail to turn up on the day you have booked you will be liable to pay for the lost day.



  • You must be aware that the sport is very weather dependent and we cannot fly in rain or brisk/strong winds.  We therefore ask you make sure you are in touch with our duty instructor the day before your course commences. We will usually text you the evening before, to confirm the suitability of the weather conditions.  We will give you our experienced judgement in the interests of your safety and our decision is final. 
  • If your training day is cancelled, please re-book within 1 month.  If the weather conditions change during your training day, you will be given credit for the day(s) lost and can re-book the extra day(s) to complete your course. However, please be reasonable and aim to complete your Student Pilot or Club Pilot course within 12 months from commencement and take any credit day(s) within 1 month of cancellation.  If you do not complete your course in the specified period and your course straddles two seasons, you may be charged a surcharge.
  • Please note that NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN, only credit day(s) provided for day(s) lost due to adverse weather conditions. Courses do not have to be taken on consecutive days and can be taken on any flyable day during the following weeks, subject to availability.
  • Please note that the flying season tends to commence in March and runs through to October.  We strongly advise all customers to book early in the season, in order to maximise the chances of you completing your course within the period. 
  • To take part in any courses you must be a member of the  BRITISH HANG GLIDING AND PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION (BHPA).  High Adventure Paragliding will arrange this on your first day. All payments are made to the BHPA:

BHPA membership costs:

  • Trial membership 3 months          £51.00 (plus £22 one off joining fee)
  • Annual Under 21 or over 60          £75.00 (plus £22 one off joining fee)
  • Annual Membership                       £95.00 (plus £22 one off joining fee)